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Ragi Kaju Pista Cookies 200g

Ragi Kaju Pista Cookies 200g

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  • Let's Try Ragi Kaju Pista Cookies - 200g | No refined Flour (maida) | No White Sugar | Eggless Cookies | High Protein & Fibre | Healthy Cookies | No additives & Preservatives 

  • HEALTHY SNACK : Perfect family snack when they?e in between work calls or before long study sessions

  • INGREDIENTS : Contains 40% of Ragi & Wheat, 6% of Cashews & Pistachios, Made with Brown Sugar

  • BOOSTS IMMUNITY : Ragi has High Protein, Iron & Thiamin which Boosts Immunity

  • FAMILY PACK: This is the ideal snack for a family before going to the gym or engaging in casual sports with friends.

  • SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASION :  Decorate a plate with HEALTHY COOKIES to serve your guests and make any occasion memorable.

  • ZERO TRANS-FAT & ZERO CHOLESTEROL : Cookies have zero trans fat, making it fit for people who want to stay fit and healthy.


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