About Us

The Let's Try Story

When we found that our kid is only eating Snacks that were made with harmful ingredients. We started making Snacks in our Home by infusing high-quality ingredients.  ​

Soon in 2021  launched "Let's Try" with the purpose to provide better products with high-quality ingredients.

At Let’s Try, we believe healthy snacking can be fun too. We follow traditional methods to make all our snacks, just like your grandma used to. We use 100% groundnut oil. No preservatives, No artificial flavors, or colors, no trans fats or cholesterol. We have a large variety of snacks, all of which have a unique taste and flavor. Our products are tastier and healthier than other junk food and can be consumed by anyone.

Here at Let’s Try we believe that good snacks don’t have to be expensive. Our prices fit almost any budget, so you can enjoy the convenience of home delivered snacks, while still saving money.