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Let's Try

Let's Try Bhujia Combo

Let's Try Bhujia Combo

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Let's Try Bhujia Combo is a delicious and spicy snack pack that includes four different types of Bhujia.

Garlic Bhujia is made from a mixture of besan (gram flour) and garlic, giving it a strong garlic flavor and a crispy texture.

Bikaneri Bhujia is a traditional snack from the city of Bikaner, made from besan and spices, giving it a unique and spicy taste.

Sev Bhujia is a type of Bhujia made from besan and sev (thin fried noodles), giving it a crunchy texture and a spicy taste.

Aloo Bhujia is made from besan, potatoes and spices, giving it a crispy texture and a spicy taste. This combo pack is perfect for those who love spicy and crunchy snacks.

Products Included:

1 Pack of Aloo Bhujia- 250g

1 Pack of Garlic Bhujia - 250g

1 Pack of Sev Bhujia - 250g

1 Pack Bikaneri Bhujia -250g

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